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★★★★★ 2019

"The staff has always been great here. They're friendly, down to earth, and definitely seem to enjoy their customers."

Sam Lancaster

★★★★★ 2019

"Great place to get a hair cut"


Jonathan Hodkiewicz

★★★★★ 2018

"Great local place to get a quality haircut."

Hal and Susan Sommer

★★★★★ 2018

"Great haircuts and conversation."

Chris Monahan

★★★★★ 2018

"Great place, friendly, take walk-ins. Kurt is the best!"

Tracie Tegner

★★★★★ 2018

"Small and quaint. Love the barbershop. They do GREAT work on ur hair. Especially Carrie!!"

Dennis Brennan

★★★★★ 2018

Great place can't be beat

Arthur Thexton

★★★★★ 2018

"Great place!"

Barber Pole
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